Worshipful Company of Carmen

scite, cito, certe — skilfully, swiftly, surely
Design for Movement

Carmen believe that design is integral to transport development, delivery and success.

The Royal College of Art is the world’s sole postgraduate university offering Automotive Design attracting global talent. 

In 2002 the first Carmen’s Research Fellow was appointed with a brief to organise research to combat congestion.

That kick-started Urban Mobility and a year later the Department designated one of three student streams as Urban Flow. A Carman Visiting Lecturer was appointed, then became the Carman Visiting Tutor.

In the second decade of the new century the programme is developing a new Masters 15 month course in Intelligent Mobility, associated with a major new Intelligent Mobility Design Centre, supported by international manufacturers.

Every year the Company highlights an outstanding graduate with its
Transport Design Award.

Its Fellowship has evolved into the Carmen’s Research Readership, held by the Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre at the College, who has himself become a Carman, along with the original Fellow.

In addition, a further link has long been established, between College, Carmen and Transport for London’s newly refurbished Museum at Covent Garden, with dedicated Carmen/College display cases and extensive animation and graphics, in the Futures Gallery, and an introductory Carman Company summary in the 19th century gallery.

In 2017 the Carman Visiting Tutor facilitated displays in the Museum’s Designology exhibition, reflecting driverless futures, as part of the government’s GATEway investigation into public perceptions of autonomous vehicles. In 2009 the Carmen’s Future Cities Mobility Forum preceded a research project at the Museum, and an exhibition exploring how IT will impact on London’s journeys in 2020.

Carmen recognise and value design, thus supporting improved movement and mobility.