Founded in 1517 the 77th Livery Company of the City of London

Worshipful Company of Carmen

Raising Funds - for Charity, Education, Research and Innovation

The Company and its charity, the Worshipful Company of Carmen Benevolent Trust CIO (usually referred to by the shorter title of Carmen’s Benevolent Trust), work together.....

Carmen regard their charity and the Company itself as one and the same. Without the Company the charity would not exist. Without the charity, the Company would have no dedicated channel for its benevolence.

The Trust raises most of its funds through returns on its investments and the generosity of individual Carmen. Additional funds are raised through the activities of the Company itself.

Appreciating the essential role of the Trust’s benevolence, a high proportion of Carmen agree to make regular donations to it by standing order. Most agree to Gift Aid their contributions, which increases their value to the Trust by 25% and (for higher-rate tax payers) there are also tax advantages to the donor.

Supplementing this income, many Carmen make generous bequests in their wills or donate additional funds from time to time in response to specific appeals. Being a Liveryman or Freeman of the Company is worthwhile and fun – giving generously to its charity makes membership mean a lot more.

Other funds are raised from Carmen events. Details of these may be obtained by navigating from the Company’s Home page.

Where you come in....


  • If you do not yet make a regular payment, please consider carefully whether you could do so. Some Carmen are able to make substantial donations, while others are able to donate just a few pounds a year. All are welcome and help the Trust to help those less fortunate. To set up a standing order, download the form here *, complete the standing order and (if you are able) the Gift Aid Declaration and return them both to the office.
  • Make a one-off donation. Download the form here * and send your donation to the office with the Gift Aid Declaration (if you are able).
  • Remember the Trust in your will.
  • Support the Company’s events, because many of them raise funds for the Trust.
  • Consider holding a fund-raising event yourself in support of the Trust.


Benevolence is at the heart of the Company and enables the Trust to ‘give a little where a little means a lot’.

Thank you for your support.

If you want to help the Carmen's Benevolent Trust and make a donation,
 click the wheel to download a Gift Aid donation form (pdf)

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