Worshipful Company of Carmen

scite, cito, certe — skilfully, swiftly, surely
On Tuesday 8 April 2014 the Carmen Company took 12 of its Apprentices on a day out in London.

The day started at 11.00am with a visit to The Tower of London. The Company's Beadle, Chief Gaoler Christopher Morton, gave the 12 Apprentices, Master Carman, and Chairman of the Apprentices Panel a short brief on the Tower. Everyone was left to wander around the Tower including the Crown Jewel House before meeting back at the main gate at 12.00noon to be given VIP seats to a gun salute in honour of the visit of the Irish Prime Minister to London.

Everyone was escorted from the Tower to "The Bunch of Grapes", a pub in Southwick, where they were joined by their respective Apprentice Masters and the Clerk to enjoy lunch together.

Afterwards everyone was treated to a trip up to the Shard for what was a breathtaking experience, especially for those who were not too good with heights.

The whole day finished around 4.30pm where some went home and others returned to the pub for a few more drinks.