Worshipful Company of Carmen

scite, cito, certe — skilfully, swiftly, surely


At Salters’ Hall on 4 July, the Master received gold edition numbered copy 500 of the Company’s history Carr and Carman – a special edition of the original 1999 book, updated and now with 256 pages.

The book was authored by Senior Past Master Clive Birch, and each copy is individually numbered. These are available from the Company at £30 plus carriage, and there are also nine remaining copies of the special gold edition at £35+.

The new edition includes some colour replacements of original black and white illustrations, two new chapters, and over 300 illustrations altogether - taking the Company’s story to 2017, and recording the Carmen 500 anniversary year.

It includes pictures of the Carmen’s new home, the Old School in Fleet Street, in the past, now and as it might become, and the July Court lunch heard details of the Legacy Appeal to raise £2m to restore, develop and equip the building, especially for future educational philanthropy, by 2020.

The Appeal includes the Carmen Future 500 virtual Loving Cup, and members were told about the menu of works, fittings and furnishings which they can sponsor, and their option to put their names to their donations, or remain anonymous.

They also heard how researchers were investigating the old building, including archaeologists. An unrecorded vault with multiple bones has been discovered below the entrance area. Despite the proximity of Sweeney Todd’s infamous  barbershop, the bones are believed to be relocated plague burials from the 17th century.

Work is imminent on the roof, and to install the lift, and Heritage Trustees are developing interior design, future educational philanthropy  and museum strategy, with details of progress to be reported in a forthcoming booklet and website.