Worshipful Company of Carmen

scite, cito, certe — skilfully, swiftly, surely

The Carmen held their annual Golf Day on Thursday 15 September 2016 at Cuddington Golf Club. This year saw 18 teams competing for the Bruce Owen Trophy with representatives from 13 different Livery Companies on what was a wonderful sunny day. The Fan Makers Inter Livery Cup was also being contested and Carmen would be playing for the Challenge Cup. A further 10 joined us for lunch including the Master Carman.

Scoring was very close in the Carmen members competition with the best score and winner of the Challenge Cup for Carmen going to the Junior Warden-Elect, Stephen Britt, with an excellent score of 40 points. Second place was the Clerk.

                 Winner of the 2016 Carmen Challenge Cup Stephen Britt (right) 
                  being presented with the cup by Golf Captain Stephen Pawson 

In the Bruce Owen Trophy competition the scoring was also very close with the best overall team coming from the Tobacco and Pipe Makers Livery team with a magnificent 94 points. Second place went to the Tylers and Bricklayers.

 Worshipful Company of Tobacco and Pipe Makers winning team being presented with the 
Bruce Owen Trophy by Last Year's Winning Captain, Past Master John Ratcliff. 


In the Fan Makers Inter Livery Cup competition the winners were the Carmen team B with 111 points and the Carmen Team A being in second place with 110 points.

 Carmen B team winning team being presented with the 
Fan Makers Inter Livery Cup by Fan Maker Ken Burrage.